Art calendar Susanna Kuratli 2021 – farmhouse paintings

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12 reproductions of oil paintings of Susanna Kuratli These paintings show us a cross-section of farmhouse culture in Switzerland and allow us to discover the beauty oft he houses in our environment. The fine and precisely detailed painting invites us to look closely and to compare.

Pictures of: Les Bourquins NE, St. Jean VS, Langenrickenbach TG, Arni AG, Osterfingen SH, Lutigerhaus, Buonas ZG, Erstfeld, Hinter Wiler UR, Guarda GR, Yvorne VD, Brione, Verzasca, Ciosset TI, Nenzlingen BL, Affoltern im Emmental BE

Calendar size 42 x 42 cm

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