Hiring art

Hiring original paintings

You can hire one or more of my paintings as follows:

Come and see me in my studio and pick out a painting of your choice. Alternatively, I can e-mail you an illustrated PDF catalogue of the paintings that are available.

Handover of originals

When the original paintings are handed over to you, they will be checked for faults. Any faults found will be recorded in the agreement.

Rented paintings

The rented paintings must be kept at the address stated in the rental agreement for the entire term of the agreement. If you move house, please notify Susanna Kuratli of your new address as soon as possible.
Rented paintings must remain in Switzerland at all times unless you purchase them.


You will be responsible for insuring the paintings. You can insure them through your own home contents insurance or third party liability insurance. If in doubt, please contact your insurance company. This also applies to carriage and other handling of the paintings undertaken by you.

Rental charges

Rental charges are based on the price of the painting and amount to approximately 15% of the price over a rental period of 12 months.

Purchasing paintings

All paintings can also be purchased. If you rent a painting and decide to buy it, any rental payments already made will be deducted from the purchase price. After longer-term rentals, any rental payments made in excess of the purchase price will not be refunded.

All paintings remain the property of Susanna Kuratli until full payment has been received.

Exchanging rented paintings

Under certain circumstances you may exchange a rented painting for a different one during the term of the agreement on request.

Rental agreement

The term of the rental agreement is 12 months.

Extension and termination of the agreement

Towards the end of the rental agreement we will notify you that the agreement is about to end and we will discuss with you how you wish to proceed. If you wish to continue the agreement, you can come to the studio and choose another picture.

No refunds will be given for paintings returned before the end of the agreement.


No graphic material published by Susanna Kuratli may be copied, processed or published elsewhere without permission. Reproduction and utilisation of the paintings in any media in any form are prohibited. Susanna Kuratli retains copyright in all paintings even after they are sold.

Rental agreement for an original painting